Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R - 414 Horses Worth of Green Power


The Race Car of the Future

There has been a lot of buzz in the hybrid world of late centering on the possibility of real race and performance cars being developed with actually muscle and power to rival traditional, fossil fuel powered vehicles. Part of me believes this mainly has to do with the fact VW has made the thus-far unsubstantiated claim that it will rise to the top of the green car gang by the end of the decade but who knows.

No Battery?

One truly interesting aspect of the Yaris Hybrid-R is its conspicuous lack of a battery. In its place Toyota has developed the so-called Super Capacitor which is supposed to be able to supply more power for longer spurts than the traditional hybrid power cells. I guess much remains to be seen but it is an intriguing and encouraging development to be sure.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

GM Cancelling the Malibu Eco


It has been the talk of the forums and everyone in the gearhead and automotive world are decrying the cancellation of the Malibu Eco. Most people saw it coming and claim it is a result of GM's adherece to what many think of as a proven failure: the eAssist system.

Gone but Not Forgotten

As a result of improvements in the 2.5 liter gas engine, the 2014 Malibu base model provides the exact same MPG as the hybrid but for a lower price. Looks like GM made a boo boo on this one.

2014 Chevrolet Malibu

The Malibu Eco used a now obsolete 2.4 liter unit powered by a lithium-ion power source which was trunk mounted and reduced cargo space. So it seems that axing the Eco was a complete no-brainer for GM although the eAssist system will limp on in Buick Regals and LaCrosse models.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BMW i8 - An Environmentalist's Dream

2015 BMW i8 live on show floor - front three-quarter view

The 2015 BMW i8 is, without doubt, a beauty to behold and is no less inspiring for its commitment to advance, eco-conscious technologies and construction. Built from primarily carbon fiber components and powered by a 1.5 liter, 3 -cylinder  and electric motor.

BMW came close to powering the impressive i8 with a V10 engine but, in the end, BMW decided to make the i8 a flagship of green sportscar engineering.
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keeping Your Transmission Eco-Friendly

Green Transmissions?

There are many parts of today's vehicles that can be engineered, retrofit or rebuilt to make them more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the planet. Everyone has heard of low emission vehicles, hybrid and no-fuel cars and regenerative braking technologies but how often does one think of the impact of cleaner, more eco-conscious transmissions?

Keep Your Transmission in Good Order

You may not realize it but keeping your transmission in good working order can go along way towards helping to protect our environment by ensuring that your transmission is performing optimally. According to many transmission repair experts, transmission fluid leaks can be avoided with regular maintenance. 

Some of the signs of a transmission in need of repair or maintenance are easy to spot. 
In short, if the transmission is slow to start this means that your transmission fluid is low and that an environmentally detrimental leak may be occurring. Furthermore, if the transmission doesn't start at all, you may not have any transmission fluid left. The best way to check to see if your car has been leaking fluid is to inspect the ground where it is normally parked for tell-tale red transmission fluid.

A Clean Transmission Is a Great Start

Although there may be no such thing as a transmission that had been designed from the ground up to be environmentally conscious it is certain that regular maintenance and repair can play a key role in prevent spills and leaks of potentially toxic chemicals. By taking your vehicle into a reliable shop with a staff full of experts in the field you can rest assured that your car will not only perform at its best but that it will not be causing unnecessary harm to the environment. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kia to Debut Soul EV in the US

Finally, the Kia Soul EV Comes to America

It seems like a no-brainer for Kia which is a company that seems to skew its marketing to the below 30 set (think hip-hop Hamsters) but it has taken them awhile to actually make moves on an electric vehicle. It has been almost two years since Kia first unveiled the Ray EV concept car and sparked a flurry of rumors about the direction the company would take. The above spy-shot shows an EV Soul from July but it wasn't until today that Kia announced that this vehicle is going into production.

No Specs Yet

Although Kia confirmed that the vehicle will go into production there are as yet no photos or specifications of the vehicle. The launch is planned to take place some time in 2014 but it promises to nbe an exciting time for the company and consumers alike. 

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Newly Redesigned Rvinyl

Free Shipping on All Orders

It's been months in the making but Rvinyl has just launched its newly designed website. Better, faster and easier to navigate we're excited to bring you the best in custom tint and accessories. And, best off all, we have dropped our shipping fees for all orders with addresses in the continental US

$5 Off Your First Order

If you've never ordered from us before now's the time. Simply subscribe to our website and get a code for $5 off your first order over $25. 
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

VW Proclaims It Will Lead the Electric Car Race by 2018

2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

VW Wants to Be the King of e-Cars

In an announcement that left many in the automotive world shaking their heads, Volkswagen has declared that it is making a commitment to take the lead in electric cars by 2018. What gives the claim more weight than it might otherwise have is the fact that it was issued as a press release from CEO Martin Winterkorn. When asked, Winterkorn stated that they felt that they were "starting at exactly the right time." This retort was obviously a defensive, knee-jerk reaction to a question which implied that VW had long since left the field to Japanese competition such as Toyota who is a leader in hybrid cars and the likes of Carlos Ghosn's Nissan-Renault partnership with the Nissan Leaf.

A Bevvy of Hybrids and Electrics for 2014

Winterkorn went on to state that the company will market 14 hybrid and all-electric vehicles by the closing of 2014. A number of these will be available in both the European and US markets with the notable exception of the Volkswagen e-Up battery-electric mini car.

Despite Claims, Many Still Skeptical

Despite the grandiose claims of VW many are still skeptical of its resolve and ability to race to the front of the hybrid/electric pack. At present, there are no game-changing vehicles in planning and VW has no track record here. We wish them the best of luck but only time will tell if they are simply blowing green smoke or if they mean what they say.
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